Have You Noticed:

  • 1
    A skin sore that will not heal?
  • 2
    A new unusual looking mole?
  • 3
    A mole that has changed colour, size or shape?
  • 4
    A spot that has started to itch or bleed?
  • 5
    Lumps or spots on the skin that bleed easily when touched?
  • 6
    Crusty or scaly spots on the skin?

If you have any of the symptoms listed above contact us for an urgent appointment.

Early detection of skin cancer
saves lives! 3

How it Works

What happens during a Skin Check?

At the initial consultation the doctor will take your history, examine you and suggest an appropriate treatment.


Skin cancer can be prevented. Review protection tips on how to protect your skin.

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Sun Spots

Actinic keratoses (AKs) are small, red, rough, scaly, flat spots that feel like dry skin patches. They often occur on sun-exposed areas, such as the nose, ears, face, chest, forearms, and back of the hands. Other common names include AK, AKs, solar keratosis, precancers, and pre-skin cancers.

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Our Staff Members

Nurses and Reception

Advanced Surgical and Skin Cancer offers a team of nurses who support our Doctors in providing patients comprehensive care including wound care, post operative care and skin cancer education.