Have You Noticed:

  • 1
    A skin sore that will not heal?
  • 2
    A new unusual looking mole?
  • 3
    A mole that has changed colour, size or shape?
  • 4
    A spot that has started to itch or bleed?
  • 5
    Lumps or spots on the skin that bleed easily when touched?
  • 6
    Crusty or scaly spots on the skin?

If you have any of the symptoms listed above contact us for an urgent appointment.

Early detection of skin cancer
saves lives! 3

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Skin Cancer Check Up

What happens during a Skin Check?

A head to toe skin cancer check is quick, painless and only takes about 15 minutes. Our Skin Cancer Doctors will ask about your skin history including family related skin cancer, your daily sun exposure, severe cases of sun burn, solarium and tanning bed use, and whether you wear sun protective clothing when outdoors.

For the assessment, you are required to remove your clothing down to under garments. Skin cancer can occur on areas such as your feet, scalp and back that are not normally exposed to the sun. Our Doctors will examine the skin on your face, neck, legs, arms and torso, fingers and toes, soles of the feet and palms of the hands to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

If any suspicious lesions are found, a biopsy may be performed to assist with diagnosis. The biopsy is sent to a Dermatopathologist for assessment. Our Doctor will contact you with results. For further information relating to Biopsies visit our FAQs.

Please inform the Doctor if there are any "hidden" lesions that you would like checked. If you prefer a female nurse to be present during your skin check please notify staff at the time of booking your appointment.

Fees and Charges

Consultation for head to toe skin checks - $95.00

  • Medicare rebate applies.

Head to Toe Consultation for Veterans Affairs', current pension card, health care card holders, children under 16 years - Bulk Billed